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Haven't you heard?

The traditional methods we use market to, sell to, and even communicate with consumers are fast becoming obsolete. Newspaper ad revenues are down the drain, TV commercials have less impact, and even e-mail campaigns struggle to receive attention.

The way people communicate with companies and organizations has shifted on a global scale – but to where?

Next time you take a walk downtown, ride the bus, wait in line, or buy a product: look around! Chances are, very few people are examining billboards and paper advertisements – but instead, fixating their eyes on personal cellphones and tablets. Have you noticed this?

"Adults spend more media time on mobile
than newspapers and magazines combined!"

- eMarketer December 2011 -

"Studies show that 84 percent of mobile phone users keep their device within 10 feet of them at all times."

Consumers demand mobile

While competitors wrestle with the demise of traditional media, your brand has the opportunity to reap the benefits of a mobile-first campaign.
Mobile is available on-demand, interactive, social-media-friendly, and best of all: engages consumers on a more personal level!

More than half (52%) of adults used their mobile devices while in-store to help with purchasing decisions.

- Pew 2011 via MediaPost -

How can we help?

Discover how mobile media can impact your business or organization:


Radio Stations

How do we do it?

Our packages & strategies combine the power of 3 (or more) different mobile communications:

SMS Marketing Campaigns

Build a database of loyal customers who receive your information, coupons, and promotions by text message.

Instantly reach anyone, anywhere in North America, using the world’s most popular communications channel!

Over 10 trillion SMS text messages will be sent in 2013

- Informa -

Mobile Websites & Landing Pages

If you have a website, then potential consumers and clients are trying to view it on their mobile device.

Not only does it need to fit well and look great, but also appeal to the specific needs of today’s on-the-go culture.

"61% of customers who visit a mobile-unfriendly website are likely to go to a competitor’s site instead"

- Karim Temsamani at IABALM 2012 via IAB -

QR Code Design & Strategies

Have you seen these little checkerboard barcodes around? We generate custom-designed QR Codes for our clients, that attract attention!

Today’s smartphones & tablet users can scan tour QR Codes to instantly load websites, landing pages, contact information, directions, and more!

QR Code scanning grew by over 400% in 2012,
and continues to rise in 2013

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